Related products. Strategy: The Promess TorquePRO proved the capabilities necessary to test the seat recliner for full functionality. Programmable Control Systems Ltd. It uses the more advanced Q-dummies and is the only car seat test in the world that measures the loads on the childs neck. Every automotive material and component must undergo rigorous testing and meet the highest industry and legal requirements. com Automotive materials and components testing. The car seat must pass a battery of tests Automotive Seat Recliner Mechanism with Torque Testing seat recliner mechanisms to verify they meet all customer functionality and government safety critical requirements. Conduct seat comfort and ingress-egress testing on automotive seats with the BPMS pressure mapping system. This functionality testing includes the ability to measure This makes Sweden the word leaders in car seat testing. Finding a safe car seat is an big decision. The Plus Test is a frontal impact done at 35mph. In all forward facing car seats the loads on the neck are higher than the safe maximum. Automotive Seat Durability Testing . cLine is available for test loads up to 10 kN and with a test-area height of 819 mm. Industrial automation and robotic systems integrators Burlington, Ontario, Canada. FUTURE DIRECTIONS FOR SEAT TESTING Vehicle and seat manufacturers are demanding more realistic testing of seating systems. Twice a year, a selection of car seats are tested and rated on various criteria. In fact, there is a truly complex science that goes into creating a car seat. Learn about several factors to consider before you purchase a car seat, different types of car seats, and some of the top recommendations from our safety experts. The high test-speed range can be used without restriction. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all preterm neonates undergo a period of observation in a car safety seat before discharge, known as the Infant Car Seat Challenge (ICSC), to monitor for respiratory immaturity and the risk of adverse cardiopulmonary events in the upright position. SM18-GAGE : Strain Gage Signal Conditioning Amplifier with Voltage and This news is something no parent wants to hear. We follow a methodology which is used to correlate the objective and subjective evaluation & this enables us to compare, rank and rate the seats comfort. Automakers research how people of all shapes and sizes affect the upholstery, seat cushions and seat structures over the life of the vehicle. Car seat foam testing typically requires several repeated tests to the middle and back of the car seat to confirm consistent firmness throughout the complete seat assembly, therefore TEST efficiency is an important factor when purchasing test equipment. 0029890537261963 Y: Automotive Seat Comfort Testing Automotive comfort begins and ends with a passenger’s experience. Pressure Mapping Of Automotive Seats The Body Pressure Measurement System™ (BPMS™) is widely used to pressure map people sitting on automobile seats and office chairs. www. Robostand - Automotive Seat Testing Modules with FANUC Robots - RCO Technologies module uses a FANUC R-1000iA/100F robot to perform a test that collects data on the firmness and compression of Tachi-S Engineering USA offers complete automotive seat testing and prototyping services to automotive manufacturers and suppliers. This makes Sweden the word leaders in car seat testing. Increasingly new test specifications require multiple degrees of motion simultaneously, the use of vehicle motions recorded in the field, and thermal testing combined with vibration. Car seat testing is usually done in the hospital within one week before your baby is ready to go home. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a car seat test, or car seat challenge, for all babies born before 37 weeks gestation. Learn More. The models that had issues were the Seat H-point Testing. Let’s take a look at the results from Spring 2018! At Britax, our commitment to improving child safety through research, testing, design, and community advocacy is unparalleled. FUTEK’s Fatigue Rated Pancake Load Cell LCF456 is fixed to the distal point of the robots arm to quantify the force that is applied in the process with high accuracy and repeatability. You will be asked to bring in your baby’s car seat, which he will sit in for 90 to 120 minutes or the length of the car ride home, whichever is longer. A new car seat safety test by Consumer Reports raised concerns when four car seats broke during the evaluation. As increasingly more sophisticated driver preferences continue to inspire more sophisticated seat-performance specifications, NHK Seating likewise continues to evolve its testing capabilities as a first line of quality control and an underestimated means of cost reduction. Testing machine speed is independent of the test load. We offer on-site testing and validation at our Farmington Hills Tachi-S Engineering USA, a global leader in automotive seating, has recently made major enhancements to its seat testing capabilities in North America. The car seat test makes sure that premature babies are able to sit in a car seat safely, without any episodes of desaturation, apnea, or bradycardia. Automotive interior materials quality, performance, durability and safety testing to OEM and international standards. At Woodbridge, that comfort is defined through a combination of static and dynamic test factors. Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) demand the highest quality components throughout the supply chain. Automotive testing industry news, global automotive jobs, events, suppliers & all the editions of Automotive Testing Technology International magazine. Testing instruments used for Seat Pressure mapping As increasingly more sophisticated driver preferences continue to inspire more sophisticated seat-performance specifications, NHK Seating likewise continues to evolve its testing capabilities as a first line of quality control and an underestimated means of cost reduction. Automotive Seat Comfort Testing. AeroPaks is a cost-effective, convenient way to access 8,000 SAE aerospace standards, specifications, recommended practices, and resource documents found on the SAE MOBILUS platform. Looking for the best car seat? We researched over 100 seats before choosing the 29 top competitors to crash test and review hands-on. In the automotive industry, robots are used to cycle test seats for wear and durability. The Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC) is a German automobile organisation that performs rigorous crash tests on car seats. We purchased every seat and conducted rigorous side-by-side testing including crash testing, at the same testing facility used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and combined that with everyday use to determine which products are the Car seat tolerance screening (CSTS), also known as the infant car seat challenge or the car seat test, is one of the most common predischarge tests performed on neonates, having been recommended since the early 1990s for all infants born at . Car seats undergo robotic test that repetitively reproduce human movements and loads onto the seat under test. pcntrl. Automotive Interior Testing and Expertise. We engineer our products to exceed the safety standards set by the federal government (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213) for car seats. In addition, test loads up to 110% of machine nominal load are permissible to compensate for heavy combinations of test fixtures, accessories etc. When the average driver gets into a car, little thought is probably given to the car seat, except for two very important things: comfort and adjustability. : 0. To provide improved environmental condition testing, the company has added two new Weisstechnik Environmental Chambers, one walk-in and one cabinet, to its Farmington Hills, Michigan location. Advanced Structures India uses the above seat pressure mapping method to objectively evaluate automotive seats using pressure mapping sensor. Polymers and plastics used for automotive interiors need to be durable and reliable, and specific requirements must be satisfied. At Woodbridge, comfort is defined through a combination of static and dynamic test factors. A car seat is not like any other ordinary seat

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